The past two MLB offseasons have been brutal for free agents. As teams have seen the downside to multi-year mega-contracts following the decline of players like Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols, they have become more leery about dishing out hefty deals. The result is a plethora of unsigned talented players, who will likely eventually have to take discounts from their initial asking prices.

Some players are getting tired of these shenanigans. Washington Nationals All-Star reliever Sean Doolittle took to Twitter to rant about the difficult situations facing free agents.

Doolittle has a valid point. The fact that two superstar players have yet to be signed and that there is such a small market for them is ridiculous. Until Manny Machado and Bryce Harper sign, most of the other free agents will be held in limbo as teams will reassess their budget once the two biggest names on the market are no longer available.

Doolittle has always been an advocate for the players. Last season, he offered to pay any fines that a player might incur for bat flipping after hitting a home run off of him.

As Spring Training inches closer, expect some of the free agents to begin to sign short-term deals at a lower salary as somewhat of a "prove it" deal. These deals allow players to further establish their value in the future while having the opportunity to become a free agent again soon in what will hopefully be a more attractive market.

That being said, this trend in baseball is getting a bit ridiculous. Not every player is demanding an absurd amount of money and there is no reason why so many free agents should be forced to take pay cuts.