Prior to their matchup with the No. 1 ranked Tennessee Volunteers, the West Virginia basketball team was subject to some strange rumors regarding their travel schedule.

On Friday, reports started flying that WVU had gotten on the wrong plane and flew all the way to Arizona instead of Tennessee. The reaction from fans was absolute chaos as they panicked their team would not make it to the game on time or be severely sleep deprived.

However, it turns out that the above report was false and WVU thankfully landed in Knoxville with plenty of time to rest and prepare for their big matchup.

The confusion associated with these conflicting reports represents the power that social media can have. Although false, the rumor that WVU was on the wrong flight spread like wildfire and created mass panic.

On the court, WVU has struggled to a 9-10 record this year and is last in the Big 12. However, they are coming off a huge win against the then No. 7 ranked Kansas Jayhawks last week. A win against Tennessee will be difficult, but it would be a huge resume booster as the team tries to contend for a spot at either the NCAA or NIT tournament.