With the rising of the sun today came another rake for Curt Schilling to step on, hitting him square in his mug. And the whole episode was a welcome one, as it made it that much easier to forget his brilliance as baseball player and focus sharp as hell on his reprehensible character.

Yes, his appearance on WEEI radio's "Mut and Callahan" show gave us the real, definitive Schilling that we used to mistakenly conflate with Mr. Bloody Sock-- a glorified persona that turned out to be as effectively made-up as his Hall of Fame case.

​​The TL;DR gist of this latest appearance on that curiously insufferable conduit of primal scream derp known as ​Boston sports radio is thus:

  • ​Schilling denied being racist and LGBT-phobic despite towering heaps of evidence
  • He denied peddling hateful conspiracy theories despite towering heaps of evidence
  • He immediately acknowledged that he thought said conspiracy theories were interesting
  • He suggested that Democrats are the type to mail themselves pipe bombs as a false flag
  • (*Passes out from confused anger*)

Yeah, remember the mail bomb scare​ from last fall in which vocal opponents of Curt's dear old Donald J. Trump were exclusively targeted? I'm not even going to get into that (or ​his failed video game company, for that matter, which is hilarious). But Schill gonna Schill.

This all came on the heels of ​yet another round of Baseball Hall of Fame voting that left the longtime starter, six-time All-Star, and World Series MVP on the outside looking in. A normal human being with his accomplishments ​would be a shoo-in, but Schilling managed a humble 60.9 percent of votes on his sixth try, noticeably short of the 75 percent threshold for enshrinement.

And he has no one to blame but himself-- specifically, ​his big, dumb mouth.

Should politically conservative ballplayers be held out of Cooperstown? No, that would be absurd. But that the Baseball Writers of America are teaching a racist windbag like Curt Schilling such a lesson in no uncertain terms by voting him down merely for being a hateful, morally bankrupt creep is incredibly refreshing.

“People dismiss me out of hand as a racist. I’ve never said anything racist in my life, ever," he appealed.

Curt, that couldn't be further from the truth. Just ask Adam Jones. And the more you lie and obfuscate and embody the eternal petulance of your favorite US President, the longer it's going to be before we're talking about Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS again whenever your name is raised. 

And for those like myself who are tired of the Red Sox winning all the things, that's reason to stand up and cheer.