​You can classify the San Diego Padres as a "mystery team" if you want, but the NL West club has stopped focusing on the trade market and are now "pursuing" free agent superstar Manny Machado.

It was reported a couple days ago that the Padres "​checked in" on both Machado and Bryce Harper, but they are a legitimate suitor for the former, even though they want to sign him to play third base instead of shortstop.

The Chicago White Sox reportedly offered Machado a ​seven-year, $175 million deal, though his agent denied this and it would take a lot more for him to sign, especially with a young team like the Padres which aren't a contender at the moment.

It's great that the Padres have serious interest in Machado, but depending on their price range, this might not go anywhere. Machado may not be able to get a 10-year deal over $300 million, but any offer will need to be substantial.

So, are the Padres ready to mortgage their future spending for a superstar?