If you may have slept under a rock these past two years, you might have missed the Golden State Warriors becoming NBA Champions over and over again.

As is usually tradition when professional sports teams win their respective championships, they take a visit to the White House. However, current President Donald Trump is a polarizing figure in the country. With Steve Kerr and the Warriors team remaining outspoken about Trump's presidency, they opted to skip their past two visits, amid much controversy.

During their road trip to Washington D.C. to face the Wizards on Thursday, however, the players decided to take a stop and meet with former President Barack Obama for around an hour.

You may remember when, even with the vast majority of Warriors players declining such an invite in 2017, Trump tweeted that since Stephen Curry hesitated, "the invitation [was] withdrawn." 

The Warriors aren't the only team to skip a visit to Trump's White House, as the Philadelphia Eagles had their invitation rescinded as well, despite there not being much interest from the team after their Super Bowl LII win.

With the photo of Golden State posing around the 44th President of the United States, expect a tweet from Trump in the wee hours of the night, as he gets ready to ​order some more fast food for the next professional sports team to accept his invitation.