It's been a minute since we've discussed any buzz and rumors regarding Kawhi Leonard's impending free agency. Shall we? 

Remember the report that stated the ​Clippers were leading the race to sign the two-time (​soon to be three-time) All Star? About a month later, a report broke that, despite his success with Toronto, ​he still preferred to play in Los Angeles

Now it has been reported that Leonard has purchased a $13 million mansion in Southern California, a move (no pun intended) that is sure to stir up the rumors. 

It's important to note that the house is located in the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood of San Diego. Let's remember that Kawhi played two season of college ball at San Diego State, and all athletes like to hang out in California during their downtime. It's just science.

Buying a house near his former home could very well have been the root of his decision. 

NOW, let's not get all premature and write it in stone that Leonard will be playing in Los Angeles next season. 

HOWEVER, when you consider all of the previously mentioned reports, on top of buying a mansion in Cali, we have to assume that LA remains a likely landing spot.