The ​NFL, moreso than any other sports league, can change drastically from week to week. After Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson ran roughshod over the Dallas Cowboys, it seemed like Sean McVay and the ​Los Angeles Rams were destined to ride a powerful running game to a Super Bowl win. Just one week later, that position is a legit concern.

After Gurley was given just four carries and dropped two passes in the NFC Championship Game, Anderson appeared on the Rams' injury report with an undisclosed illness.

​​Gurley might not be on the injury report, but anyone who watched that NFC Championship game could see that he wasn't anywhere close to 100 percent. Players who run for 1,200 yards and score 17 touchdowns -- supposed MVP candidates! -- don't just erode like that after only a couple of weeks. 

​​​Anderson's comeback has been remarkable, but relying on him to beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick by himself is as impractical a game plan as possible. If Gurley lays another egg like he did in New Orleans, the Rams' chances at winning their first Super Bowl in nearly 20 years could be in serious jeopardy.