​Either ​Jets safety ​Jamal Adams hates the Patriots more than anyone else on the planet, or he can't read the temperature of a room. Or both. The budding superstar took ​Jets fandom to new heights when he leveled Patriots mascot Pat the Patriot at the Pro Bowl on Wednesday. The incident sent the person in the suit to the hospital...or so we heard? And believed? Because that sounded serious?

​​Afterwards, Adams wasn't the least bit apologetic. Even after the league was apparently "blowing his phone up," Adams sounds like he'd do it all over again if given the chance. 

​​On Twitter, Adams remained as unapologetic as ever, claiming the media was making a big deal out of nothing. Yes, this continues to appear to be some sort of joke, about the hospital visit.

Adams is the only person to have said so far, with any inflection, that the mascot made a trip to the hospital. While the hit wasn't staged, we're inclined to believe this was mis-reported, and Adams was joking from the get-go.

Although it probably didn't feel...great.