​As if the New York Knicks couldn't get anymore dysfunctional, we were treated to an extension of the ongoing drama between head coach ​David Fizdale and center Enes Kanter Wednesday night.

After not playing at all against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, even though Kanter claimed he was told he'd be starting, ​Kanter basically demanded a trade. You can understand that, and it's odd the 26-year-old has been chained to the bench during a prolonged tank.

Fizdale was asked about this Kanter drama and whether he thinks it'll become a distraction, and the first-year head coach gave an incredible quote.

Self-awareness is a quality everyone should have, and you have to hand it to Fizdale; he understands he's in the midst of a dumpster fire, and that this team is headed to the lottery no matter what lineups he plays.

That's...that's kind of the point.

​​Who knows what the problem is between Fizdale and Kanter. The veteran center has always been known as a loud mouth, so I'm sure something was said that put him in the doghouse.

No matter the reason, it's probably best for both parties if Kanter is traded very soon.