We need the names of the geniuses working the ​Vegas Golden Knights Twitter handle. ​The account took banter and pettiness to another level last night before they squared off against the ​Nashville Predators when they trolled Nashville for their ‘Regular season’ Western Conference Champs banner they hung last year. Check it out:

This is of course is an appropriate shot taken by the Knights because they were the legitimate Western Conference Champions of 2018, defeating the Winnipeg Jets in five games. 

The Predators, on the other hand, lost to Winnipeg in the second round, effectively finishing third in the conference. We could also argue that the Sharks, who lost to the Knights in the second round, finished third. 

REGARDLESS, it was about time that somebody trolled Nashville. 

The Predators quite literally tried to suppress the fact that they choked in the playoffs by hanging a meaningless participation banner. 

We understand that finishing atop the Western Conference regular season is no small feat, but they're a professional sports organization!

The Knights, however, saw their opportunity, and went top shelf.