The ​New England Patriots are gearing up for their third consecutive ​​Super Bowl appearance and it seems early on that they will have a big advantage heading into the final game of the season. 

As of Thursday, the Patriots have not listed a single player on their injury report. ​Injuries are extremely common in football, so the fact that the team is entirely healthy leading up the biggest game of the season is exceptional news for Patriots' fans. 

According to ESPN, every ​Super Bowl team has had a least one player on their initial Super Bowl injury report throughout the past five seasons. Not for the mighty Pats, though. 

It looks like the ​Rams won't be catching any breaks in that regard, as the Patriots are locked and loaded with their entire squad being healthy, or so they want you to think. The Pats, like most teams, have dealt with a lot of injuries this season, so what exactly is going on here? 

After taking down the Chiefs in an enthralling AFC Championship bout, the Patriots are now preparing to out-smart the ​Rams and head coach Sean McVay. 

The Rams were without injuries for their NFC Championship matchup with the Saints, but unfortunately both star kicker Greg Zuerlein and defensive back Blake Countess both did not practice on Wednesday. 

The Patriots clean bill of health certainly bodes well for the team as they head to Atlanta, meanwhile the Rams remain hopeful that Zuerlein will be in line to kick on the Feb. 3 outing at the ​Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We're guessing Greg the Leg will be good to go.