​​​Stephen A Smith is on a damn twitter rampage.

After Raiders QB Derek Carr called out Smith and Max Kellerman over their latest opinion on the dumpster fire which resides in Oakland, the 27-year-old had enough, even stating he'd like to meet the two ​First Take talents in the octagon (jokingly, we assume). 

But Smith didn't take it that way, and threw some vitriol back at Carr.

Fair enough, a debate between Carr and Smith would surely draw viewers and also gives the Raiders QB a chance to smackdown the longtime ESPN talent. It's a win-win, right? Oh no, Stephen A can never stop with one tweet.

We wouldn't complain if we were forced to watch this at the next UFC Fight Night, but it seems unlikely. Nonetheless, Smith tries to direct the conversation back to his forte, sports debates. 

Fighting isn't really his thing.

Oh damn! That casual shade with the last sentence is like a subtle haymaker. You sure you don't wanna take this into the ring, Stephen A?

We've found Stephen A's burner account!

Who knew Stephen A was an avid reader? In all seriousness, Smith's reaction time is a little slow. This was HOURS ago.

Smith might wanna delete this one. What's he trying to infer? Weak comeback, frankly.

Dude, your job is literally the opposite of minding your own business. You're paid to intrude.

Don't come at Stephen A. with that weak sauce. Although, we have to admit that moment was truly unbelievable. 

At least Smith is finally admitting his faults while taking on the world at the same time.