​There's a reason why former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera was the first person ​unanimously elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Throughout his whole MLB career as a closer, Rivera was known for his sweet pitch...cutter.

It's absurd to see that nobody could figure that pitch out in the 19 years he spent in the big leagues. In fact, former Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young revealed his team came up with a system to let the batter know where the pitch would be, but they still couldn't touch him.

This is hilarious. 

​​While several former players have been telling their favorite ​heartwarming Mariano Rivera stories, Young's provides an indication of just how amazing Mo was as a pitcher. 

Mark Teixeira, a former teammate of Young and Rivera, even jokingly said he came to the Yankees so he wouldn't have to face Rivera.

Rivera's cutter confounded hitters for nearly two decades, with only a select few ever managing to have success against the greatest closer in the history of baseball.