​Despite the article by ​"The Philly Voice" saying at least one Philadelphia Eagles player has issues with Carson Wentz as the team's quarterback, several of the team's ​most valued veterans have spoken out against the story. 

The latest player to come to Wentz's defense is offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

​​Considering the fact that it's now an anonymous player's words against those from the likes of Zach Ertz, Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson and Torrey Smith, it certainly appears that Wentz is highly respected among most of his teammates. 

If the identity of the anonymous player is found out by anyone within the organization, it seems there's a good chance he'll get cut from the team.

​​While Nick Foles has certainly done a great job as Wentz's replacement each of the past two seasons, it's worth remembering that the Eagles wouldn't have even made the playoffs in 2017 without Wentz, who was putting up an MVP season before tearing his ACL. 

The man is the FUTURE in Philly, and it appears just about everyone has his back.