​New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has already appeared in eight Super Bowls during his Hall of Fame career, winning five of them and being named MVP for four of those victories. Well...how about a ninth? 

It would make sense for the ​Los Angeles Rams to be intimidated by Brady's accomplishments going into the Super Bowl, without a doubt. While Rams safety John Johnson shared some very kind words about Brady and the Pats, he also said they're very beatable, which of course isn't going to sit well in Boston.

​​The Rams will likely need big games from their defensive linemen to have a chance at proving Johnson correct and allowing him to cook in the secondary. 

Brady has yet to be sacked in these playoffs, but if the Rams could at least put pressure on him, they stand a chance of slowing down the Pats' offense. Johnson should know this more than anyone, as it was pressure on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees that caused the safety's big interception in overtime of the NFC Championship, leading to the game-winning field goal.

​​Rams head coach Sean McVay faces his toughest challenge yet: trying to outsmart Brady and Pats head coach Bill Belichick. This Super Bowl may end up resembling a game of chess more than football.

Someone's getting beaten. That much we know for sure.