"They said I was offsides. Was I?" Unfortunately, yes Dee.​ Chiefs outside linebacker ​Dee Ford just had to ask if the play that would've punched the Chiefs ticket to the Super Bowl was his fault. With 54 seconds to go in the fourth, and Kansas City up 28-24, Tom Brady threw a bad ball to ​Gronk, who tipped the ball into the awaiting hands of Charvarius Ward. The game was over. The Chiefs had won and were only a couple kneels away from their first trip to a Super Bowl since 1970. This footage from Inside the NFL shows the heartbreaking moment Ford found out what he had done.

​​Ford was unquestionably lined up offsides. 

After a day to digest the stomach-punch of a defeat, Chiefs head coach ​Andy Reid wondered why the referees hadn't warned Ford before throwing the flag.

“Normally, you’re warned and the coach is warned if somebody is doing that before they throw it in a game of that magnitude,” Reid told reporters Monday. “But they did. And he didn’t waste any time in doing it."

Tough break for Ford and the Chiefs, but KC still had a chance to stop Brady in overtime, and they couldn't. I'm sure this will be a teaching moment for the Chiefs defense as they head into the offseason. A long offseason.