​This poor, poor lady. 

Imagine trying to enjoy your Sunday night when all of a sudden your Twitter mentions literally explode with hate from angry Chiefs fans. Unfortunately for a gal by the name of Dee Ford, this is exactly what happened. 

Remember in the AFC Championship Game when ​Kansas City's Dee Ford lined up offsides, negating a game-sealing interception? Well, fans really let him have it, but they mentioned the female Ford on Twitter instead quite consistently. 

Okay, at least this person wasn't mean. 

Ford with some shade right back! 

​​As you can see, she didn't let the hate get to her and gave smart replies. Gotta love it. 

​​Show some guts, Michigan Fan. 

As it turns out, she loves Auburn. Who knew this would be the worst tweet anyone would send her throughout this whole mishap. 

​As for Dee Ford the football player, we can only imagine his mentions are a lot worse. He made a mistake, get over it KC fans.