​Before tonight, no player who had ever played in ​Major League Baseball had ever been elected to the Hall of Fame unanimously. That is until ​Mariano Rivera came along.

The immortal ​Yankees closer became the first player to receive 100 percent support from the voters. He broke the previous record of 99.32 percent support held by Ken Griffey Jr. 

Saying that Rivera didn't deserve this is a disqualifying statement. Undoubtedly the greatest closer of all time, Rivera was the glue that held those Yankee championship teams together with dominance in the ninth inning. 

Riding on the back of a cutter that moved like a slider and could be aimed with pinpoint precision, Rivera piled up a record 652 saves, 13 All-Star games and five World Series championships. 

The gap between the best closer of all time in Rivera, who's 2.21 ERA is the lowest of any relief pitcher elected to the Hall of Fame (Hoyt Wilhelm had a 2.52 ERA), and the second best closer is monstrous. 

The greatness and level of dominance Rivera exhibited in his prime may never be seen again.