​After his ​victory over Adrien Broner, boxer Manny Pacquiao said he wanted a ​rematch with Floyd Mayweather. Just a day after making that statement, the two ran into each other at a Los Angeles Lakers game, and the "handshake" they exchanged was pretty awkward.

​​While it looks even worse in slow motion, at least we can get a better understanding of what happened. While Pacquiao went for a normal handshake, Mayweather took a playful jab at his stomach. 

At least the two showed there wasn't any animosity between each other outside the ring. Despite the fact that Pacquiao is 40 years old and Mayweather is semi-retired at 42, another fight between them would still be entertaining.

​​While Pacquiao would love another opportunity to fight Mayweather, there's no guarantee it'll happen. Ultimately, it's up to Mayweather. 

If they do end up getting in the ring together for one last time, hopefully it occurs sooner rather than later. As talented as these two are, they aren't getting any younger.