​The controversial no-call late into the ​NFC Championship bout between the ​Los Angeles Rams and ​New Orleans Saints may get its date in court. A lawyer from New Orleans is suing the ​NFL in a civil lawsuit on behalf of Saints' season ticket holders. 

The lawyer in question, Frank D'Amico, is demanding they make the correct call and bring the two sides back to replay the final two minutes of the NFC Championship Game. 

It appears the league's decision to remain silent on the matter hasn't paid off as they are now going to have to appear in court in order to defend their decision to allow the missed call to stand. 

The lawsuit requests that the league resume the game from the spot of the ​missed penalty and thus allow the Saints' another chance to get what their home fans feel the team rightfully deserves: the chance to close out the game. 

Here is the full statement from the New Orleans-based attorney:

How is this going to play out and how will the NFL be forced to respond? It's unlikely that this will change the outcome of the game, but Saints fans can dream, can't they?