Bare with us here. This story is kind of bizarre. 

According to various news outlets, an NBA fan infected with measles attended a ​Portland Trail Blazers home game against the ​Charlotte Hornets on Jan.11 and left over 20 people ill will the disease. 

Twenty-one of the 22 infected are children, the majority of them younger than 11.

Of those, 19 did NOT receive a vaccine against measles. Mercifully, only one person out of the 22 has been hospitalized.

According to health officials, the Portland International Airport, schools, hospitals, churches and restaurants across Oregon and Washington is where people may have been exposed to the disease. 

A public health emergency was declared Friday in Washington's Clark County, less than a half hour drive from Portland, in response to the outbreak.​​

More than 19,000 people attended the game against the Hornets but reports have confirmed that (somehow) no Oregon residents have been diagnosed with the virus, which led health officials to believe that there is a high probability that the disease spread over to Washington State. 

 Let's hope that the number of hospitalizations remains limited; this is a strange situation for any professional sports team (or organization in general) to have to deal with, and the Blazers have done a spectacular job of diffusing it thus far.

There's no good reasons for measles to be on the comeback trail, however. Let's keep that under control, folks.