​Alright, NFL conspirators. We've got a new one for you. Did you think the horrible officiating during Championship weekend was a bit odd? Do you think that the NFL is always cooking up a way to get their poster boy, Tom Brady, back into the Super Bowl? Of course you do. A savvy fan might have caught a ref telling Brady, "I got your back" before a game-changing fourth quarter penalty. It means absolutely nothing, but it's also a perfect encapsulation of the world's frustration.

 Yup, it's all completely rigged. We all knew this. Now it's confirmed.

Let's be realistic here, though. Two things. One, those 'Bad Lip Reading' videos have proven that you can make muted words look like a lot of different things. Two, the next play was definitely offsides. ​The Chiefs defender was lined up offsides. Fully.

Something to note, though: ​Andy Reid was incensed, saying that refs will generally warn players if they're lined up slightly offsides. The fact that the ref was caught chatting with Brady instead doesn't sit well.

Then there's this wonderful point from another Twitter user.

​​He's right. There are no secrets in the digital age. That's way too many people on the field to not speak up. Shoot, Brady barely lasted a week when he decided to deflate some balls by a small amount.

We can admit that there was some ​horrendous calls all day long, though. They were a bit suspect time and again.

It is interesting, and there's always the possibility that an official has a bias. They are human. There are horrible people in the world. But, mouthing "olive juice" totally looks like you're saying, "I love you," too. Try it. So much is possible in this world.

This is nothing.