Early on in the 2018 NFL season, one of the biggest surprises was the success of the Washington Redskins. The team rose to the top of the NFC East ahead of the likes of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, led by quarterback Alex Smith. The Redskins looked to be in good standing, until Smith's gruesome leg injury against the Houston Texans in Week 10 cleared the field for their rivals. Now, having battled a leg infection and a longer hospital stay than anticipated, Smith has made his first public appearance since the injury, rolling up to watch the Washington Wizards from a private box.

He even visited the locker room, showing off quite a large brace and his very necessary crutches.

The Redskins, following the injury to Smith, lost six of their last seven, resulting in their 7-9 final record and absence from the playoffs. The organization will now have to consider Smith's injury and what to do at the quarterback position moving forward; Smith may not be able to play football again. 

Regardless of whether or not Smith will be able to play for the Redskins again, seeing him in public, despite the cast on his right leg, is an encouraging sign in his journey to recovery. Smith will look to rehab and continue to build strength in the coming months to try to make it back to the team at a future date.