Sometimes, silence says it all. Actions always speak louder than words which means everyone can hear the Patriots' statement after their thrilling win over Kansas City to send them to their third-straight Super Bowl. For Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, this long up and down season can simply be summed up by P-Diddy. 

The caption was straight forward and to the point: "W".

Every New England hater on the planet was hoping for the exact opposite but it's just something you have to accept. Brady and Gronk are going nowhere. 

You could've assumed TB12 was jacked up to head to the Super Bowl for the ninth time in his career and he hasn't hidden his feelings one bit. That nice f-bomb he dropped on national television was one thing, but this sheepish grin along with Gronk's kissy face shows that being America's villains (outside of Boston) has some sweet level of satisfaction.

While some suggested Brady was entering the twilight of his career and Gronk had nothing left to give, they've very clearly proven the haters wrong. It's hard to believe any of that now that these bad boys are back in the Super Bowl.