Yet another bad call during the NFL's championship weekend. On a rare misfire by Tom Brady on 2nd and 7, Chris Jones was called for roughing the passer on Tom Brady. Take a look for yourself, as this is one of the worst calls you'll ever see. 

I didn't realize that slapping the quarterback's shoulder before he throws the ball constitutes a 15-yard penalty. 

This was probably the least amount of contact to result in a roughing the passer call ever, and unfortunately, it cost the  Kansas City Chiefs dearly.

But of course, the contact was on Brady and heaven forbid any defender try to stop him from throwing the ball. 

While the  Patriots history with Brady has been impressive with five Super Bowls to show for it, they always seem to get the calls to go there way, causing many to question the legitimacy of some of their victories. This one is no different.