​The fix is in, folks. After the New Orleans Saints drove deep into Los Angeles Rams' territory and owned a 1st and 10 from the 13-yard line, Drew Brees missed an easy first-down throw to Michael Thomas and then Sean Payton called a puzzling toss play on 2nd and long. Then, on 3rd down, this happened, and the refs were nowhere to be found.

​Um, WHAT?! Not only was he completely blindsided, but the ball wasn't even CLOSE to being near the receiver in question when the hit was delivered, which should have essentially given the Saints the win.

Tommylee Lewis got lit up by ​Nickell Robey-Coleman on a play that completely changed the outcome on the NFC Championship Game. Instead of having 1st and 10 from the spot of the foul with under two minutes remaining, the Saints were forced to kick a field goal on fourth down and give the Rams ample time to work with to go down the field and tie the game, which is exactly what happened. Then, in overtime, Drew Brees threw an interception on the Saints opening drive and LA was able to get just inside field goal range for Greg Zuerlein to boot a 57-yard kick to upset the Saints and ​take the Rams to the Super Bowl.

Thanks again, Roger Goodell! Not a single NFL ref is capable of doing his or her job adequately on a weekly basis and a billion-dollar industry will continue to do nothing about it.