He was given a second chance and blew it.

Former ​Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl defensive end ​Greg Hardy made his ​UFC debut last night in UFC Fight Night 143.  

As football fans know, Hardy transitioned to the UFC after being blacklisted by the NFL due to a domestic violence case against him back in 2015. 

What Hardy's fight versus Allen Crowder proved is that Hardy has not learned from his past mistakes. He still goes about his life with reckless abandon.

With 2:28 left in the second round, Hardy hit Crowder with an illegal knee to the head while Crowder was on his knees. Hardy's actions immediately led to his disqualification and a win for Crowder.

With Hardy's troubled past, I imagine that he was already on a short leash by the UFC. By disgracing the rules of the game, his actions deserve the harshest of punishments: a ban. 

Ever since UFC 229, where ​Khabib Nurmagomedov infamously jumped over the fence in order to fight ​Conor McGregor's team in the crowd, Dana White has made it clear that he will not tolerate the unsportsmanlike efforts by some fighters in the UFC. Clearly, White was not serious when making those claims because he is already trying to give Hardy another fight.  

One fight in, it is clear that Hardy is a liability for the UFC, and even though he may draw in viewers with his persona, White should ignore the ratings and do the right thing.