​​The Drake curse may be real, folks, and if it's truly to be believed then every NFL team is in trouble this coming weekend.

With championship weekend upon us, Drake decided to steer into the skid and troll himself on instagram. The rapper is a notorious sports fans who frequently winds up rooting for a championship-winning team. Or at least that's how it had been. Enter the Alabama Crimson Tide.

​Drake sported Bama gear leading up to the National Title Game and they were massacred. Ever since, he's been on the wrong side of sports history. This weekend that ought to change, technically.

Give the man some credit, he knows how to kill a joke.

Drake surely doesn't enjoy being referred to as a sports jinx, and his relationship with famous athletes goes far beyond their on-field accomplishments. But fans love blaming anyone but their favorite players, so Drake takes the heat. But not this weekend! There's no comeback to creativity. 

Our money's on the officials.