​ESPN's new partnership with ​UFC and Dana White might not be off to the best start. Some fans are having issues with the new streaming platform during one of the sport's most anticipated events: UFC Fight Night in Brooklyn.

Per a quick twitter search, the ESPN Plus streaming platform is leaving fans frustrated and in search of other options. Not ideal for a paid subscription service from the Worldwide Leader.

You're not alone, Truck Gordon. 

There's nothing worse than a buffering stream which continuously tries to recover in real time.

Huddling around a phone! What year is this? These fans got jobbed.

Literally everyone, apparently. ESPN's support team is surely on these issues, but in the meantime it's leaving fans frustrated.

Considering how much ESPN and Dana White have built up this relationship, they ought to have this issue fixed by now.

These are just a few of many complaints ESPN has received thus far. With only hours left in the event, will this be a complete waste of time for UFC fans? We can only hope not.