Don't expect the New York Yankees to be trading for another star third baseman anytime soon. 

While the team has expressed significant interest in Colorado Rockies third baseman ​Nolan Arenado, they're viewing him as an option for the team when he becomes a free agent after the 2019 season.

​​If the latest reports are true, then the Yankees will likely hold on to Miguel Andujar with the idea of using him as the everyday third baseman. It also seems like the Yanks would prefer to pay for Arenado in dollars than prospects. 

​​The Yankees need to be able to back up their interest in Arenado by being the highest bidder for him next offseason. Otherwise, it's more of all talk, no action from a talented organization that may be just one or two pieces away from becoming World Series favorites. 

Unless the Colorado Rockies' asking price for Arenado somehow lowers, the Yankees are probably better off not trading for him. He's a great player, but one year of him isn't worth mortgaging the team's future.