And here is your 'Hardest Sports Moment' of Saturday. ​In Auburn's matchup against Kentucky, Tigers forward Horace Spencer had a gruesome fall after slamming down a dunk. He went down straight on his face face, writhed around on the floor, and then hopped back up. With a gash on his head, Spencer puffed out his chest and nodded to the camera.

That, right there, is tough. 

That wasn't the end of Spencer, either. He patched the cut up and scored another bucket. He only ended the day with four points, but his eight rebounds and ravenous effort were honorable. 

Let's not forget that this is the same player that posterized his own teammate. Yeah, really.

All this man sees is winning. 

Unfortunately,​ Auburn couldn't pull off the upset against Kentucky. The Tigers fell to 13-4 with the ​Wildcats' 82-80 victory. I can tell you one thing, though. When the going gets tough, I want Spencer on my side.