​Fans of the ​Los Angeles Rams, especially with the way the ​New Orleans Saints have been playing recently, should feel good about their chances on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game.

But we all have that one official we just don't trust, don't we?

Uneasiness set in once they realized referee Bill Vinovich was calling the game, though; somehow, some way, the Rams are 0-8 since 2012 during Vinovich games.

That has led to a petition, which right now is at 7,195 signatures, just shy of the 7,500 signature goal, to remove the man from the action.

We don't hate the initiative.

​​The petition has been addressed to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and some of the facts from Vinovich 's time calling Rams games are alarming. For instance, the Rams' opponent has never had more penalty yardage, including the Rams getting nearly double the penalty yardage compared to their opponent's total, whichever team that may be.

Oh, and even though NFL ejections are rare, Vinovich is the only referee to eject Aaron Donald, as well as former Ram Chris Long.

The petition goes on to say that there is too much information and data to support Vinovich and his crew calling this game for things to be on an even playing field. They even go as far as insinuating that the NFL is rigging this game so Drew Brees can reach the Super Bowl.

It's highly unlikely that the NFL will change the referee crew this close to a playoff game, but Rams fans do have a point.

And an unfortunate reality to deal with.