The Oakland Raiders last game at the Oakland Coliseum was filled with emotions and nostalgia, as they brought back past stars to pay homage to the historic franchise. While most fans were there to witness the last game at the Coliseum, headlines were snatched by Marshawn Lynch, who appeared to light a blunt using the Al David Memorial Flame. In a recent interview on Real Time with Bill Maher, Lynch has finally confirmed his endeavors to get blazed with the infamous flame. 

The public deserved answers and he finally delivered. 

What a way to send off the Raiders in the most Oakland way possible. Add just another insane endeavor to the ledger by the legendary running back. 

Lynch stated that he has not faced any disciplinary action from the league for lighting the blunt, but now that he's confirmed the action, there will surely be some sort of response. We are talking about a league that's slapped him with multiple fines for his media interactions and his obsession with Skittles, after all.

​​Either that's a blunt, or Marshawn is trying to light his pinky on fire. Thankfully, we have confirmation that it was indeed the devil's lettuce. 

Marshawn has never failed to disappoint with his hilarious antics and highlight reel runs. There may not be a player in history who's ​embodied Oakland more than he has. At least he got to send off the Raiders in the best way possible.