Cowboys offensive coordinator ​Scot​t Linehan was public enemy No. 1 for Dallas Cowboys fans over the course of the last couple seasons. 

Despite a quarterback who is at least above-average in Dak Prescott and arguably the best running back in the game in Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas had one of the most simplistic and uncreative offenses in the ​NFL.

After Linehan was axed after four seasons guiding the Cowboys offense, several anonymous Cowboys players said he added "nothing" to the offense.

​​Harsh? Well, not really.

Even with the midseason kick in the butt Amari Cooper provided, Dallas was a below-average offense. They ranked 22nd in points scored, 22nd in total yards, and 23rd in passing yards. Despite having Elliott in the backfield, they just barely cracked the top 10 in rushing yards. 

With Linehan finally gone, we will finally get to see what Prescott will look like in a more creative, innovative offense. 

​​Linehan will likely land on his feet as a position coach somewhere, but based on his performance over the last four years, and the reaction of both Cowboys players and fans, he may not be the best fit for a team in need of an offensive coordinator.