Recently retired Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer isn't straying too far from the college football scene. This makes it seem like he's trying to stay close enough so that he'll be able to get another coaching job soon. 

Meyer left the head coach position at Ohio State because of health reasons, so he could be using his proposed deal with FOX Sports as a way to stay connected while getting his health in check. 

Come on, do we really think Urban is going to stay away from the sidelines for long? 

Meyer could either be in the studio as part of their pregame show, or he could be a color commentator. An idea would be that he'll join the Fox College Football Pregame in an attempt to better compete with ESPN's College GameDay.

Meyer was previously on television for ESPN back in 2011 before taking the  Ohio State head coaching job. He called games for them before being taken off the air because of the news that Ohio State wanted to hire him. 

Along with his new TV role, Meyer will also have duties as assistant athletic director at Ohio State. He's staying close to the school and the sport, proving that he'll try to make a return soon.