​The game of baseball might finally be adjusting to the 21st century. On Thursday, it was reported that if there is to be any rule change this off season in ​Major League Baseball, it will be a pitch clock. 

MLB officials will continue to discuss the possibility of a pitch clock with players this off season, much to the rejoicing of all baseball fans.

​​Over the last 10 seasons, the average time between ​pitches has increased from 21.7 seconds to 24.1 seconds, according to Fangraphs. The implementation of a pitch clock has proven to be effective in speeding up the pace of play in the minor leagues. So why not adopt it into the big leagues?

Don't get too excited though baseball fans. This will be the third off season that MLB officials have tried to implement a pitch clock, and the previous two years officials have succumbed to pressure from players.

Commissioner Rob Manfred has a chance again to change the game for the better this offseason. Just pray he doesn't back down yet again.