​​Oklahoma was never going to win this PR battle.

After taking in grad transfer Jalen Hurts, the Sooners limited the immediate eligibility of ​Austin Kendall, who chose to take his talents to Morgantown. Oklahoma limited Kendall's transfer list, stating he couldn't join any team on the Sooners' schedule for the next two seasons. This, of course, includes Big 12 foe West Virginia.

After some relenting and public criticism in the media, the Sooners are finally backing down and will let Kendall play right away with the Mountaineers.

​​Oklahoma was following a bad precedent previously set in college football, which made transferring within the same conference all but impossible.

New grad transfer rules have created the inception of college football's first free agency period, with the likes of Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields finding new homes within the Power-5 conferences. This is a feat relatively unheard of prior to 2018-19.

Good on the Sooners for admitting their mistake and getting this right. As for Kendall, he'll enter Spring camp with every opportunity to compete for the starting job left behind by pro prospect Will Grier.

Morgantown can take a sigh of relief.