​The gloves are off, and ​Antonio Brown is ready to speak his mind. The superstar ​Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver -- who will all but certainly be ​traded in the offseason given how bad things are getting -- quickly took offense to comments from Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians that questioned his demeanor.

​Arians, who was Mike Tomlin's offensive coordinator when Pittsburgh drafted Brown and Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, said that there is "too much diva" with Brown. AB naturally had some words for Arians and Sanders, who was taken in the third round the same year Brown was taken in the sixth:

​​Brown wasn't done then. Not by a long shot.

Brown claims that the Rooney family that owns the Steelers hasn't reached out to him amid this dispute. He's also taken shots at his teammates, saying that they've shown how they "really feel" in the last few weeks, and he isn't happy.

​​He mad mention of a tell-all "interview" that would be dropping soon wherein Brown will tell his side of the story. While he claims that they're wont be any "dirt" on Steelers players, that seems hard to believe considering he just tweeted some dirt on Sanders without a second thought.

​​Listen, AB, Everyone knows you're a superstar, but the perception around the league is that you're a bit of a head case and can be hard to deal with. And ranting like this on Twitter will only add fuel to that fire.