Sundays' highly-anticipated matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots will surely be an all-time classic. Who will come out on top?

From this chair, it's going to be a BATTLE,  but the Chiefs will come away with a close victory. The game being played in KC will prove to be a major advantage for Patrick Mahomes and Co. Although the Patriots finished the year 11-5, they finished 3-5 on the road, which is alarming heading into a road playoff environment. On the other hand, the Chiefs were 7-1 at home during the regular season. 

Now I know the Patriots defeated the Chiefs earlier in the season, however, this ​Chiefs team is now much more experienced, especially now that they have a playoff win under their belt. That game was also in Foxborough. 

The second reason that the Chiefs escape with a victory is the reintroduction of Sammy Watkins into the offense. 

During their first matchup, Watkins was still getting ingratiated into the offense and the team still had running back Kareem Hunt on the roster. With Hunt being cut, Watkins' role will definitely be higher, especially with tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill getting most of the attention. If the Chiefs can implement plays to get Watkins the ball down the field, it will force the Patriots to focus more on him, which can free up the other All-Pro options in the offense. 

The final reason is the outstanding play that the Chiefs defense displayed last Sunday. 

Although the KC defense has not been stellar by any means, giving up 26 points per game during the regular season, they only gave up 17.4 points per game at home. This was followed up by allowing only 13 points to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday. The Chiefs defense obviously favors playing at home and are able to shut down opponents under these circumstances.

Regardless of who wins Sunday, it will surely be an exciting game to watch and definitely a game you do not want to miss!