You may have seen a quote from Clemson superstar quarterback Trevor Lawrence that was making its way across social media in which he called the White House's ​elegant feast of McDonald's and Wendy's "the best meal we ever had." 

That would be news to Lawrence, as he never said that. 

​​Lawrence himself asserts that the quote in question was completely made up. By who? that remains a mystery.

Lawrence and the 2019 ​College Football National Champion Tigers were given the traditional welcome to the White House by President Trump following their 44-16 domination of Alabama in the title game. Rather than go through all the effort of preparing a fancy meal like prime rib or fish, Trump opted for ​chain fast food burgers and chicken nuggets on his own dime during the government shutdown.

The pictures of Clemson football players grabbing McNuggets off of a platter that FDR probably ate steak off of are as surreal as it gets. 

​​If this was actually the best meal Lawrence ever had, I'd hate to see the dining hall at Clemson.