​The ​Atlanta Braves have been eerily quiet this winter ever since they signed Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann, despite having several needs they need to address, including a corner outfielder, late-inning reliever and frontline starter.

But, that could begin to change this week.

According to Braves GM​ Alex Anthopoulos, Atlanta is working on a particular deal that is 70 percent agreed to right now, with the other 30 percent dealing with the add on players Atlanta and an unknown team are working on. 

Hmm. Who knows what this deal is and if it's a blockbuster move, but if there are add-on players involved, you'd imagine it involves a difference-maker. Corey Kluber? J.T Realmuto?

This trade possibility may never come to fruition, but if you are a Braves fan, you like to hear your GM talking about heating up his pursuit of players. Hey, Atlanta might be making a trade in the coming days or weeks.