​Phase one of the ​Kyler Murray is officially happening.

Earlier this afternoon, Jon Heyman of Fancred reported that Murray was expected to declare for the ​NFL Draft before tonight's midnight deadline, and it would be a "shocker" if he didn't.

Then, Murray did less than an hour later vis his Twitter account.

The entire first round of the NFL Draft just experienced a shakeup.


Murray is junior at Oklahoma and has to officially declare before the deadline if he wants to be drafted, which is why he had to make it known on Monday. This gives Murray more options before he has to officially make his decision in the coming weeks.

The Oakland Athletics, who drafted him ninth overall last summer, are talking to Murray about committing to baseball full time and not going to the NFL. The A's are allowed to give Murray a big league deal, which could sway him to baseball, but at this point they'll have to meet his fiscal demands if they want any chance of keeping their top draft pick.

​​Of course, it's hard to treat this news as anything but a negotiating tactic at this stage.