Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy made an instant impact in his first season at the helm in Chicago. The product of Andy Reid's coaching tree led a defense-heavy Bears team to an NFC North title, but their postseason was cut short.

​The Wild Card Playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles undoubtedly stung for Nagy and the entire Bears organization. But now, following this embarrassing debacle, ​Nagy has stuck his neck out for a ​disgraced Kansas City Chiefs running back, leaving the door open for his potential Chicago?

A few months ago, of course, video footage surfaced of Hunt's domestic violence incident and he was subsequently cut from the Chiefs. One thing, however, remained unanswered after the dust settled on this insane situation: will Hunt someday get another chance in the ​NFL?

Nagy, who worked closely with Hunt in his time with the Chiefs, not only spoke with the man, but also claims to believe in second chances. 

It will certainly be interesting to see what Nagy and the Bears are able to do this upcoming season when it comes to pursuing key free agents with the hope of competing for a Super Bowl  next season.  

If Hunt's a part of the plan, you'll have to assume some NFL discipline will follow as well.