​The significance of Monday in the ongoing "Will ​Kyler Murray choose football or baseball?" debate centers around the NFL Draft deadline; since he's an underclassman at Oklahoma, he will need to file the necessary paperwork by midnight.

However, that doesn't mean he needs to make his firm decision and reach an agreement with the ​​Oakland Athletics on a potential new deal by the same deadline.

​​If Murray declares for the NFL Draft, it doesn't necessarily mean he's choosing football, and it wouldn't violate his current contract with Oakland. What this allows Murray and his representation to do is gather more information on where he's potentially going to land in the draft, which can further help his decision on which sport to commit to.

​​Recent reporting suggests that ​Murray will choose football over baseball, which is why the Oakland brass met with Murray over the weekend to discuss a potential major league contract, which would give him more money and likely expedite his rise to the big leagues.

Whether that will actually work remains to be seen, but the A's are doing their best to keep Murray, who they selected with the ninth overall pick in last year's MLB Draft, in the fold.