​UFC standouts Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov have been engaged in some Twitter beef lately, taking shots at one another on the social media platform. Khabib had initially called out Conor McGregor on Twitter for tapping out in their ​fight, but instead of a response from the Irishman, ​Nate Diaz got involved taking a jab at Khabib. 

UFC fans on Twitter are hoping that this leads to a fight between Khabib and Diaz, which resulted in a 2014 ​Dana White tweet resurfacing in which White explains that Diaz turned down a fight with Khabib a few years back. 

Imagine that spectacle, a bout between Diaz and Khabib. It would feature a ton of pre-fight jabs with both fighters taking shots at one another. The weigh-in and pre-fight press conferences would be legendary. 

Unfortunately it seems as if Diaz wasn't willing to step into the octagon with Khabib, and after seeing what the latter did to ​Conor McGregor in their fight, I don't really blame him. 

Hopefully their latest series of exchanges can change Diaz's mind and have this Twitter beef escalate into a full-fledged UFC headline fight.