The Manny Machado sweepstakes is starting to heat up, and we now have an official offer on the table.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, t​he Chicago White Sox have offered Machado an eight-year contract. With the Philadelphia Phillies remaining aggressive on Machado's services, the team from the Windy City is compelled to increase the term on their deal.

Reports have indicated that the Phillies are willing to spend "stupid money" to land one or both of Machado or Bryce Harper. Earlier on Sunday, USA TODAY revealed​ the Phillies are the "clear-cut favorites" to sign Harper, following their five-hour meeting in Las Vegas.

With this latest scoop, the White Sox looked to have pulled the trigger on the offer, as they want to land the superstar slugger. In the past, Chicago has been wary of offering 10-year deals, as they only inked first baseman Jose Abreu to a six-year contract. 

Offering Machado eight years shows just how serious they are in bringing him to Chicago. Per Hector Gomez, the deal is worth $250 million. Is this enough for Manny? 

Will Machado end up signing with Chicago, or will the Phillies/Yankees put a better offer on the table? Baseball fans can't wait to find out.