​Kyle Korver notched his spot in NBA history on Saturday as he drained his 2,284th career three-point shot, earning him the No. 4 spot on all-time list for shots beyond the arc. Korver was congratulated by his teammates after making the big shot, but one teammate was a bit late to comment on the achievement. 

Joe Ingles tweeted his congratulations to Korver only to be clapped back at by teammate ​Donovan Mitchell, who reminded Ingles that the moment had occurred the day before. 

It was a pretty hilarious interaction between two teammates that just wanted to show support to a veteran player on their team. 

Korver's shot put him ahead of Jason Terry, just days after Stephen Curry surpassed Terry to climb into the top three on the list. 

Korver was ​traded to the Jazz earlier this season. It's his second stint in ​Utah having spent three seasons with the team from 2007-2010. Throughout his career Korver has been one of the most reliable three-point scorers in NBA history. He has a career 43.1 percent clip from three-point territory. 

Since rejoining the Jazz he's averaging 2.1 threes per game, converting on 39.7 percent of his attempts. He's averaging 9.3 points and 2.0 rebounds for Utah.