​Once again, NFL fans underestimated the New England Patriots for some sick reason. The Los Angeles Chargers came into the AFC Divisional Round as four-point underdogs and many felt that was generous given LA's successful season and the Patriots faltering late in the year.

Well, the game was over at halftime as the Pats got out to a dominant 35-7 lead and now everyone is trashing the Chargers and all the Patriots haters. The Chargers Twitter account is especially getting the brunt of it with these weird/creepy past tweets.

Make that a three-hour lunch. This one won't be over for a little while.​​

Yes, please go. Don't come back. Might as well stay out for dinner too.

Nice of the community to support Chargers fans during this time of need. But if your friends aren't kind enough to give you a free dinner, there is another good option...

Yup, some good old Chinese!

Why, yes it is. That's just about all the Chargers will get right today.

As for non-food-related activities, we bet most LA fans are hoping for this kind of situation...

Or maybe head on over to the Apple store?

If you don't want to move, a movie sounds pretty chill.

Too bad magic can't get you guys out of this one!

But perhaps it's time for a vacation. Pack your bags, Chargers fans. The season is over.

Even a beautiful sunset couldn't cheer these poor fans up.

Nope, everyone's just getting sick over this disgusting performance.

Not even non-partisan NFL fans can enjoy today's game.