The Los Angeles Kings were hosting the ​Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday and the Kings had a special guest doing some commentary work for the game. ​Snoop Dogg stopped by the Staples Center and helped the broadcast booth cover the game in what was a completely hilarious moment. 

This is just an amazing video overall, as Snoop Dogg's excitement over the game is contagious. He was really hoping to see a fight occur between the teams, and gave compliments to Dion Phaneuf for his willingness to get into a scrap.

Snoop was engaged and curious to know more about the team and the sport. He described the skirmish between the two teams as "more mushing than fighting." 

Snoop Dogg continues to show why he has managed to stay relevant even in his latter years. If he's managing to entertain people while commentating hockey on live television, then the man can pretty much do anything.