Saturday's NFC Divisional Round matchup between the​ Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys got a taste of AFC West flare in the early goings. On Dallas' first drive of the game, running back Ezekiel Elliott converted on fourth down, but yellow flags began raining onto the field. As it turns out, Rams cornerback Marcus Peters started instigating with Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper, which resulted in some impromptu slap-boxing. Peters would end up with a 15-yard penalty, and Cooper would gain his revenge on the very next play ​with a 29-yard touchdown reception.

Who knew a Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs fight would break out in the middle of an NFC playoff matchup?

In a game that will likely go down to the wire, penalty flags will be a death nail for a team. And Marcus Peters learned that lesson the hard way, as Cooper got his revenge against his former foe. ​​